Details for the First DLC Pack for Breath of the Wild Emerge

Custom Travel Points, Hard Mode, and More...

Nintendo announced today several details about the first pack of downloadable content for the Expansion Pass of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This first pack of two planned for the Expansion Pass, will feature several enhancements and new equipment to assist Link on his adventures in Hyrule. The new features are as follow:

Trial of the Sword: This is a new variation of the Cave of Ordeals (Twilight Princess) and the Savage Labyrinth (Wind Waker). Just like its predecessors, as players defeat all the enemies in a room, they will be able to proceed to the next room. However, there is a twist to this plot, in the Trial of the Sword, Link starts without any armor or weapons. The Trial of the Sword will have 45 rooms total.

Hard Mode: This "new" difficulty mode, which was first introduced for free in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii, will increase the "ranks", or levels, of in game enemies. Players might even encounter higher-raking enemies in areas where such enemies would not appear in Normal Mode. Also, the enemies will recover slowly health during battle and will be able to spot Link easier, making them more difficult to ambush. There will be as well new enemies in floating platforms around Hyrule where the player, if successful defeats such enemies, will be able to collect treasure.

Hero's Path Mode: In this mode, the game will keep track of the path followed by the player in the last 200 hours of gameplay. The Hero's Path Mode map will include a slider which can be used to track the route taken on a timeline. This mode will work as soon as the Pack is installed, so players will be able to track their footsteps as soon as the download and install the first pack of the Expansion Pass.

Travel Medallion: Somewhere in the vast land of Hyrule, there will be a new treasure chest which will contain the Travel Medallion. This new item will allow players to place a temporary travel point anywhere in the map where they currently stand, which will allow them to travel back to such location at any time they want. Players are allowed only one Travel Medallion location at the time.

Korok Mask: This new mask will assist players in finding Korok locations throughout Hyrule. When the player is close to a Korok, the mask will shake, indicating the player they are close to their target.

Miscellaneous Equipment: There will be eight new pieces of equipment allowing the player to wear garments from Legend of Zelda games of the past. These pieces of equipment are from characters Phantom, Midna, Majora's Mask, and Tingle.

So there you have it. Do you think the first part of the Expansion Pass is worth the price of admission? Let us know in the comments below.

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