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As Bright as the Sun


Nintendo announced today on the Nintendo Direct for 04.12.2017 a new accessory, a new color variant, and limited standalone availability of a current accessory for the Nintendo Switch. Here is a breakdown of the accessories announced on the Direct.

Neon Yellow Joy-Cons and Neon Yellow Strap:

A new color variant for the Joy-Cons was announced. In case the Neon Blue and Neon Red colors were not bright enough for you, the new color variant is a vibrant neon yellow which, for me at least, is a must buy for all of us whose favorite color is yellow! Of course, no respectable Joy-Con controller would be released without its matching colored strap. The Neon Yellow Joy-Con controllers and the Neon Yellow Joy-Con Strap will be available on June 16.

Joy-Con AA Battery Pack:

Now, here is an interesting accessory announced today. Nintendo is releasing a battery pack for the Joy-Cons which will extend the life of the controllers to allow for longer game sessions. Now, the Joy-Cons built-in rechargeable batteries already last around 20 hours of game play which, by today standards, it it rather hefty! So I don't know why these AA battery packs are needed in the first place. I guess by Nintendo standards 20 hours is not enough considering the Nintendo Switch Pro controller lasts up to 40 hours and the Wii U Pro controller would last up to 65 hours of game play. I do have to say that, even if you don't need the extra life your Joy-Cons would get from AA batteries, the AA Battery Packs make the Joy-Cons a bit wider which, in turn, would make the more ergonomic to hold on their own. The AA Battery Packs will be released as well on June 16.

Nintendo Switch Standalone Dock

The last Nintendo Switch accessory announced today was the Nintendo Switch Standalone Switch. However, there is a "good news-bad news" scenario with the Standalone Dock. The good news is that this accessory is that will allow you to have as many docks set up on different rooms in your home as you purchase, so that you can have the full console experience in as many rooms as you own docks without the hustle of having to uninstall cables every time you want to "switch" (pun fully intended) your console from room to room. The bad news is that the Standalone will have "limited quantities" available at retailers and Nintendo's own online store. So if you don't act right away, expect the Standalone Dock to sell on places like eBay and Amazon for much higher prices than the suggested retail price. The Nintendo Switch Standalone Dock will be released on May 19.

So, did any of these accessories catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below.

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