SEGA Teases Bayonetta with Countdown Site

Bayonetta 3 or a Remaster?


SEGA launched yesterday a countdown page with the words "Coming Soon" on the page's name located on the browser tab. The countdown seems to be for something Bayonetta related. While the internet is buzzing with speculation over what the countdown will bring once it reaches zero, it seems that SEGA might announce either a remastering of the original or the development of Bayonetta 3.

However, looking at the timing for this possible announcement, it seems that SEGA might be releasing soon a remastering of Bayonetta for XBOXB One, PS4, and possibly Nintendo Switch. If SEGA and Platinum Games were to unveil a new Bayonetta game, it would have a bigger impact that they would wait for a bigger stage like E3. Besides, looking closely at the image used on the countdown page, it is clearly a "screenshot" from the original Bayonetta game on the SEGA webpage.

Regardless of what it is being announced, the idea of a new announcement in regard to Bayonetta is exciting. What do you guys think it will be? A new entry of the series? Or a remastering of the original game? Either way we can't wait for the clock to hit zero.

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