Software and Hardware Sales in Japan for the Month of March

Switch and 3DS Dominate for a 1, 2, punch!

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu published today the monthly game and hardware sales report for the month of March in Japan. The sales period runs from February 27 to March 26 and the figures are as follows:

Top 5 selling games:

1: Monster Hunter XX (3DS) Capcom 1,270,332 copies 2: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) Nintendo 307,621 copies 3: Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia 167,756 copies 4: Ghost Recon Wild Lands (PS4 ) Ubisoft Software 139,873 copies

5: 1-2-Switch (Switch) Nintendo 138,790 copies

Top 2 selling consoles:

1: Nintendo Switch 524,371 units (1st place last month PlayStation 4 [Total] 140,068 units) 2: Nintendo 3DS (Total) 159,402 units (2nd place last month Nintendo 3DS [Total] 114,985 units)

Top 3 Japanese game companies with most software sales:

1: Capcom 1,308,000 copies 2: Nintendo 731,000 copies 3: Square Enix 278,000 copies

As you can see, Nintendo not only dominated the hardware sales for the month, but also helped dominate the software sales with Monster Hunter XX, which is exclusive to 3DS. What do you think of Nintendo dominance in Japan? Let us know in the comments below.

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