Nintendo Wins Copyright Case Against Seller of Circumvention Devices

Mayor Win Against Hackers

A Canadian judge ruled in favor of Nintendo in a case against Jeramie King and his business Go Cyber Shopping Ltd. Go Cyber Shopping is a distributor of modding circumvention devices such as Sky3DS, Gateway 3DS and others. Such devices allow the user to bypass Nintendo's security protocols that prevent the 3DS from downloading and running illegal copies of games.

The court in question reaffirms the resolution of the Canadian Copyright Act's Anti-Circumvention la that circumvention devices are illegal, and sets precedence for future law suits against such devices. The Canadian court awarded Nintendo of America $12.76 million CAD, including $1 million in punitive charges, and mandated Mr. King to issues and apology on his website "for the damage that he caused to Nintendo, its developers and partners."

What is your opinion of the matter? Should hackers be allow to circumvent a hardware manufacturer's security in order to play illegal copies of games? Or companies like Nintendo, Sony, and others have the right to protect their intellectual properties worldwide?

Let us know in the comments bellow.

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