Nintendo Shows Nindie Titles in Video Showcase

Nindies for Days!

It was no secret that Nintendo relationship with major third party developers was on the rocks for most of the console's life span. Such rocky relationships began with EA deciding to drop its "unprecedented partnership" with Nintendo, continued with Activision not bringing its big franchises like Call of Duty after the first year (although they continued to support Wii and Wii U with family friendly games), and finished with Ubisoft almost dropping all developing of Wii U titles with exception of the Just Dance franchise.

Even Nintendo with its vast library of IP's, couldn't keep the Wii U afloat for too long. But if there was a group of developers that stood by the Wii U when everyone else ran was the Indie community. Indie developers kept the Wii U alive with amazing AAA titles, making the Wii U a console of choice for indie developers. Even today, with the looming release of the Switch, indie developers are continuing to develop games for the fading console.

Now those same indie developers, and many more, are continuing their partnership with Nintendo with the Switch; and to celebrate and emphasize such support, Nintendo put together a video showcasing upcoming indie titles planned to release between launch and this summer. Here is the "Nindie" Showcase video.

Which of these titles are you excited for? With so many indie titles coming to Switch (more than 60 confirmed for this year alone), there is bound to be a title for all types of players.

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